2020 JCC Youth Winter Lock In

When: Friday, February 21th at 6:00pm. Parents can pick up students at the Blessin’ Haus on Saturday the 22nd at 3:00pm.
Where: Jefferson Community Church, Goshen, Indiana
Who: All Students and their friends ages 13-18 (by Aug 1, 2020)
Cost: $10 per student plus a 2-liter of pop and a snack to share
What: Plan for an all-nighter, but if you want to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow, we will have designated sleep areas for guys and girls. You will want to bring a Bible (a real one with PAGES, not on your phone or tablet), a pen, and a Nerf Gun (there will be a round or two for automatics, but plan for most battles to be for guns without batteries). We’ll supply the standard Nerf darts, so leave yours at home or they’ll get lost.
NOTE: We will collect all cell phones at the start of the lock-in and return them by 2:45pm at the end.
Register: By filling out the form below. All students who register by February 17, 2020 will receive a complimentary student devotional and student study guide.